Horror crash sees four die in high-speed collision with US armoured vehicle

Shocking images have captured the level of devastation caused when an SUV carrying four people crashed into the back of a US Army armoured vehicle at high speed.

Four South Koreans have died in the high-speed Sunday night crash n Pocheon, north of Seoul, police have now confirmed.

It is believed the two couples were heading home when their sport utility vehicle rear-ended a U.S. armoured vehicle at around 9:30 p.m. near the Rodriguez Live Fire Range.

The occupants, all in their 50s, were pronounced dead after being taken to a nearby hospital and receiving emergency treatment including CPR.

One American solider sustained a minor injury and was taken to a hospital.

Horrific images captured from the scene of the accident show the entire front end of the SUV crumpled in on itself after hitting the armoured rear of the US vehicle at high speed.

Both South Korean Police and US Army soldiers were on the scene trying to help in the aftermath of the tragic incident.

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The SUV's engine was damaged beyond recognition due to the impact of the crash, while the armoured vehicle's tracks on the right side were damaged.

It has been reported that the US soldiers in the armoured vehicle were on their way back to a nearby military base after carrying out a drill.

US Army vehicles frequently use the stretch of road in question, police added.

The circumstances that led to the SUV rear-ending the tank are now under investigation, and an autopsy of the driver has been ordered.

It is believed that the driver had taken over the wheel from another passenger in the moments before the crash, and police are now investigating if that could be a potential cause of the accident.

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