Hong Kong health workers must swear oath to Xi Jinping under new security law

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The oath of allegiance would permeate through all structures of the health care profession. A health professional such as a doctor or nurse may find themselves having to treat a member of those opposed to Beijing’s oppression, such as a pro-democracy activist. That said health care professionals would then be obliged to inform the state authorities that they were treating a “terrorist” or “successionist” or else face disciplinary action enshrined in the new security law.

Speaking to Express.co.uk Doctor Darren Mann, a surgeon from Hong Kong said: “Requiring doctors to swear an oath of allegiance to the state runs counter to nearly 2,500 years of medical tradition which compels the physician to make the care of the patient their first concern.

“What comes next?

“Could this lead to a two-tier system with preferential treatments for political loyalists, and professional advancement for doctors according to points accumulated in a state-loyalty programme with bonuses for savings on the therapies allocated to dissidents?

“The medical associations of the world should be joined in a chorus of condemnation for this perfidious subversion of our medical value-system.”
The oath of allegiance is ultimately an oath of patriotic fidelity to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

It would even supersede the utmost professional and ethical standards that may contradict the new security law for Hong Kong.

The very principles of medical confidentiality and non-maleficence from the Hippocratic oath could be compromised.

Chairwoman of the Hong Kong Public Doctors’ Association Arisina Ma is worried that taking an oath of allegiance could mean that the interests of the government might come before the needs of patients.

The new security law for Hong Kong could see those involved in the pro-democracy movement extradited to mainland China and because of their “subversion of the central government” given a life sentence.

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In order to clear any confusion as to how much the new security law will permeate every aspect of life in the city former Chief Executive of Hong Kong C Y Leung announced on his Facebook page: “The Hong Kong National Security law is Hong Kong law.

“Moreover, what are the difficulties with pledging to uphold the basic law?

“If you are naturalized in the United States, don’t you swear allegiance to the United States?”

He then gave a warning to those they may wish to still defy the orders from Beijing, whether they be residents of Hong Kong or even those living abroad.

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He said: “Permanent residents of Hong Kong and even those who do not have the permanent resident status in Hong Kong who breach the new security law, this law shall apply.

“This is the net, and they cannot escape the law.”

Because of the new security law, as part of their work contract health care professionals must swear an oath of allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party.

This is a device that will coerce them from doing anything that is “unpatriotic”.

An “unpatriotic act” could be treating “pawns or anti-China forces of the US”, in other words, pro-democracy protesters.

Beijing has signed off on the law and is determined to implement it, as Chinese state tabloid the Global News states, “this time, it is the National People’s Congress of China which enacted the legislation, and the whole country will play a role in Hong Kong. The strength and will of 1.4 billion Chinese people will not let it fail.”

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