Hidden beach is so beautiful that locals beg dont go there

A Welsh beach that is so unspoilt by noisy tourists has finally been revealed after decades of locals trying to keep it a secret.

Traeth Mawr, which is Welsh for “Big Beach”, is a well-kept secret among the residents of Aberffraw, a sleepy village on Anglesey, Wales, that has just 620 residents.

The beach is hailed among holidaymakers for its peace and tranquillity, as well as the gorgeous views it offers.

But getting to the roughly mile-long beach from the nearby village is a 25 minute walk from the centre of the town, while the nearest car park is half a mile away from the pristine beach.

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On top of this, there aren’t any toilets nearby, so this beach isn’t fit for the average weekend beachgoer,NorthWalesLive reports.

Locals know this, and have been trying to keep tourists from coming and spoiling the pristine sands and clear blue waters.

“Don’t go there!” begged one regular in a Tripadvisor review: “We want to keep it all to ourselves! One of the best beaches on the island.”

But despite this pleading, the beach has become famous for its scenic beauty.

It was included in The Telegraph’s list of “Britain’s 30 greatest villages untouched by mass tourism”. Writer Kerry Walker was clearly enamoured by Aberffraw’s “huddle of pretty stone and pastel-painted cottages”.

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“With the first glimmer of sun, you’ll race with childlike joy over wind-whipped dunes to its gorgeous sweep of powdery sand,” she added.

Others clearly agreed with the travel writer, with one Tripadvisor reviewer writing: “From the old packhorse bridge you follow the stream as it opens out on a beautiful stretch of golden sand backed by sand dunes and with magnificent views.

Another said: “Don't want to brag about it too much as never want it to change and become busy, but cannot fault the beach or the village of Aberffraw.”

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