Hermes driver sends delivery attempt photo of him ‘sat on his a**e’ watching TV

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A Hermes driver appears to have been rumbled after his failed delivery attempt photo appears to show him relaxing on the job, or as the customer described it — “Sat on his a**e at home”.

Customer Thomas Gent, 30, got a surprise when he received a failed delivery notification with a photo of the driver with his slipper covered feet up while watching TV.

Thomas had been waiting in his home in Preston, Lancashire, all day for his craft materials and did not see any attempt of delivery.

Instead, Hermes sent him a photo of the driver looking very cosy with a box of Quality Street.

Thomas posted the notification and image on Facebook with the caption: “How’s this for a delivery attempt.

“Sat on his a**e at home”.

Thomas also posted to a public Facebook group called “Hermes delivery service. Unsuccessfully delivering parcels since 1974”.

The screenshot of the Hermes notification read: "Your local courier tried to deliver your Hermes parcel today but you weren't in. We tried to deliver your parcel today but you weren't in.

"There wasn't a safe place to leave your parcel so we'll try again and contact you on Friday September 17 2021 with more information."

The post was shared and liked by dozens of users who mostly saw the funny side of the incident.

One user said “This is really getting ridiculous” while another said “And I bet them sweets were from a customer.”

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However, one user, who appears to work for Hermes, said: “This is because they was a problem with the app today, so we had to just deliver the parcels and take it of the app when we got home.”

A spokesperson for Hermes said: “’This photo was uploaded in error as a result of a technical issue.

"We apologise for any confusion caused. We can confirm that this parcel has been successfully delivered.”

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