Here comes Donald! New poll shows Trump OVERTAKING Biden – Alarm bells ring for Democrats

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On November 3, US citizens will cast their vote on whom they want to be the next President of the United States. During the campaign trail, Mr Trump has lagged behind his presidential rival until now.

According to a poll by Des Moines Register and the Mediacom Iowa Poll, the Republican President has overtaken his presidential rival in Iowa.

Mr Trump now leads by seven percentage points over Mr Biden, 48 percent to 41 percent.

Three percent said they will vote for someone else with just two percent unsure of who to vote for.

Just five percent did not want to reveal their voting intentions.

This recent poll asked 814 Iowa voters between October 26 to 29.

Back in September, the two candidates were neck and neck with both receiving 47 percent in the poll.

J. Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co, said while Iowa men are more likely to vote for Mr Trump, women are more inclined to vote for Mr Biden.

But warned of similarities between the 2016 election which saw Mr Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

She said: “The President is holding demographic groups that he won in Iowa four years ago, and that would Gove someone a certain level of comfort with their standing.

“There’s a consistent story in 2020 to what happened in 2016.

“Neither candidate hits 50 percent, so there’s still some play here.”

With news of the new poll results, former BBC political presenter Andrew Neil issued warning bells for Democrats claiming Mr Biden is not “finishing strongly”.

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He tweeted: “The Iowa Poll is gold standard for statewide polling in US.

“Last night it put Trump on 48%, Biden of 41%.

“Des Moines Register said Biden is “fading” in Iowa, reinforcing Democrat fears he’s not finishing strongly.

“The Poll also put Sen Joni Ernst (R) on 46%, Theresa Greenfield (D) on 42.”

MP for Westmorland, Tim Farron, replied to Mr Neil’s tweet arguing Mr Biden could win the election count by more than 300 votes.

He tweeted: “Indeed. The poll putting Biden 17 points ahead in Wisconsin is also gold standard.

“I suspect both are outliers that Biden will win Wisconsin by less than 17, Trump may win Iowa but by less than 7, and that Biden will win the EC with more than 300 votes.”

Last week, two polls by Washington Post and ABC revealed Mr Biden was leading Mr Trump narrowly in Michigan with 51 percent to 44 percent.

And in Wisconsin, the Democrat significantly beat the Republican 57 percent to 40 percent.

While Mr Biden is leading in the opinion pills, the race is much closer in the crucial battleground of so-called swing states.

Mr Trump trails Mr Biden in the national polls but this does not determine who sits in the White House.

It is the 538 members of the Electoral College who do this, the winner needs 270 votes in the college to become president.

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