Heartbroken Halloween fan, 12, turned away for being too big to trick-or-treat

A 12-year-old Halloween super fan was sent home from trick-or-treating without sweets after being told he was 'too big'.

Andrei, who is almost 6ft, was disappointed by his neighbours' rejections but not as much as his upset mum, Mariana Bozianu.

The youngster was allegedly punished for his height as he toured Castleford, Yorkshire, dressed up with his pals looking to to receive sweets.

Mariana, 43, told YorkshireLive that Sunday was the first time Andrei went trick-or-treating without her.

She said: "He usually goes trick or treating with me, but this year he wanted to go with his friends wearing a scary mask and dark clothing.

"He usually gets lots of sweets but this year he came back with barely any.

"I asked him what happened and he said people had told him he was too big – he was really disappointed.

"He's tall for his age – nearly 6 feet – but he's only 12. Halloween is his favourite holiday – I'm really upset for him."

Mariana said this is the "best time of the year" in her and her son's opinion.

She said she was very upset for him that his day had been ruined.

"In this country, this is a great time of year for kids," she said.

"In my opinion, the trick or treating tradition should be for all children."

People in Castleford were quick to offer out sweets to Andrei, agreeing trick or treating should be for all children no matter what their age.

One woman said: "I give sweets to anybody who's made an effort to dress up, whatever the age xx."

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Another said she had given sweets out to 17-year-olds on past Halloween nights.

"My daughter was the same. Not right. I was giving them out at 17 years olds xx."

While another added: "Oh that's a shame. We give sweets to any age if they're dressed up xx."

Not everyone was as sympathetic however with YorkshireLive readers responding to the 12-year-old's disappointment.

One person commented: "Really its a practice that's only suitable for kids up to about 7 with parents accompanying them. At 6 feet tall he is exceptionally tall for a 12 year old and will have to get used to it."

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