Headteacher and lunch monitor sacked after student made to eat food out of bin

A video appears to show a lunch monitor taking food out of a dustbin and make a student eat it.

In the CCTV from Palm Elementary School in Lorain, Ohio, a girl throws an unwanted waffle in the bin and the staff member then retrieves it and wipes it down with a napkin.

The staff member in question then gives it back to the student and "forces" her to eat it, according to a lawyer representing her family.

According to her mother LaTosha Williams, the girl became unwell after eating the waffle and she lost her job due to having to care for her at home.

Lorain City Schools, who released the video on Wednesday (January 19) investigated and discovered a student put food into a dustbin in the presence of two staff members.

One of the staff members immediately removed the package of food, wiped it off and gave it back to the student, according to the report.

The student then ate the food and their parent came to the school and complained.

Its principal received the complaint but failed to take appropriate action, the school district said.

Jim Nelson, a Cleveland19 News anchor, said in a tweet: "Lorain Schools have released surveillance video showing a lunch monitor pull unwanted food out of a garbage can, wipe it off, and force the student who threw it away to eat it. She and the principal were fired."

The girl's mother told 19 News: "It literally flipped my whole family upside down.

"She has changed at home. She doesn’t act the same. She doesn’t even want to go to school."

Jeff Graham, superintendent of Lorain City Schools, said: "Any infringement upon the dignity and respect of our students will not be tolerated.

"Our students deserve staff members who are able to make good decisions in all situations – and any staff member who is unable to deliver on that promise is unwelcome in our schools."

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