Harry and William can only heal if Meghan is ‘out the picture’, author claims

Prince Harry's relationship with older brother William will never go back to normal unless Meghan Markle is "out the picture", a royal commentator has claimed.

According to US Royal Correspondent, Kinsey Schofield, the princes can patch up their differences but it would take a dramatic separation to bring back their former bond.

Kate Middleton is thought to be a possible "peacemaker" for her husband and Harry after stepping back to give them time to catch up alone following their grandfather Prince Philip's funeral in April.

Ms Schofield suggested to the Mirror that as much as Kate wants a reconciliation between the siblings, she will not push it until the time is right.

She said: "Sadly, I think the only way that things would go back to normal is if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were to separate and Prince Harry returned to the UK solo.

"However, Harry would never leave his children in another country."

The Los Angeles-based journalist, who runs the website To Di For Daily, added: "I believe the Duchess of Cambridge is a very strong champion for the reunion, but I also imagine that she knows where her husband's head and heart are and isn't going to push for something that he's not ready for."

It is claimed the family feud erupted after Harry and Meghan fell for each other following their first dates in 2016.

Harry has since claimed he felt she was not protected and supported by the firm.

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William felt Harry was moving "too fast" with his new love and tried to stop his younger brother from rushing into marrying the former Suits actress and divorcee, the royal biographer Robert Lacey claimed in his book Battle of the Brothers.

According to the book, William is said to have told Harry: "This all seems to be moving rather quickly. Are you sure?"

The book alleged Harry was offended and wondered whether second-in-line William was actually concerned about his happiness or worried more about the impact the relationship would have on The Firm.

It claims William then recruited the help of his uncle, Diana's brother Charles Spencer.

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But Harry reacted angrily to William's intervention and accused his sibling of trying to torpedo his relationship with Meghan, it has been claimed.

Mr Lacey wrote: "The result of the Spencer intervention was an even more bitter explosion. Once again Harry refused to slow down."

He added: "The fraternal fissure became established. There would be patch-ups and reconciliations, especially when a public show of unity was required.

"But that anger and mistrust – that distance – has lasted to the present day."

It is alleged William was furious and other senior royals were deeply disappointed after Harry and Meghan's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, which plunged the monarchy into a fresh crisis.

Harry, 36, told Oprah there was "space" between him and William, adding: "Time heals all things, hopefully."

He claimed his brother and father Prince Charles were "trapped" in the monarchy, his dad had stopped speaking to him for a time, and that his family had cut him off financially.

The Sussexes accused a member of the Royal Family of racism and the institution of failing to support Meghan when she was suicidal.

Kate was publicly singled out by Meghan, who claimed her sister-in-law made her cry in the run-up to her 2018 wedding in a disagreement over flower girl dresses.

Harry and William could see each other again on July 1, when a statue of their late mum Princess Diana is unveiled at Kensington Palace on what would have been her 60th birthday.

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