GRAPHIC CONTENT: Bus driver spews buckets of blood but STILL stops runaway vehicle

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Shocking footage shows Chen Yi, 47, driving his usual route when he slumps in his seat and blood starts to surge from his mouth.

A bus driver with three years experience, Chen Yi immediately slams on the brakes and turns off the ignition, stopping the vehicle while he still can.

Shocked passengers rush to his aid, holding his unconscious body as he slips from his seat.

Chen Yi, who works in Xiamen, south-east China, is then transported to hospital with the help of a passing bus.

Doctors said the sudden vomiting of blood was caused by gastrointestinal bleeding, usually a symptom of something else such as a stomach ulcer.

The driver reportedly asked about the well-being of his passengers after regaining consciousness.

He has now been praised for saving the lives of dozens on his bus.

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