Grandfather and stepdad arrested as tot, 3, ‘died after being raped and beaten’

A grandfather and stepdad of a toddler have been arrested after doctors suspected she had been raped and beaten before being taken for treatment.

Little Michelle Aylin, 3, was already dead when her stepfather took her to hospital in Tepic, Mexico.

Doctors said that the tot had been allegedly been badly beaten and raped when she was brought in to the emergency room.

Detectives have since arrested the girl’s grandfather, who reportedly had history of sexual abuse, along with her stepfather.

It is not known whether investigators suspect one or both for the girl’s death.

The stepfather, identified as Cesar Raul, 31, was arrested at the hospital in connection with her death. The grandfather was arrested at his home.

According to the newspaper Sin Embargo, a hospital doctor confirmed that she arrived without vital signs and that she had bruising on her ankles, left knee, and a blow to her right cheek.

A gynaecological examination also reportedly showed that she had suffered sexual abuse.

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The grandfather reportedly has a criminal record for sexually abusing family members in the past.

Prosecutor Petronilo Diaz Ponce said the girl had injuries that indicated physical and sexual abuse.

The victim’s mother, who was working as a cashier in a shopping centre at the time, was informed about her daughter’s death by the police before being interviewed.

State governor Antonio Echevarria said: “Protecting children should always be a priority to make sure these indescribable acts never happen again.”

Meanwhile, netizens have launched an online campaign calling for justice under the hashtag ‘Justicia para Michelle’.

Doctors determined that the girl died of cardiorespiratory arrest, but the as-yet unreleased autopsy report should establish the exact cause of death.

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