Grace Millanes killer blames her for death 21 times in chilling interview

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The killer of British backpacker Grace Millane showed signs of blaming her 21 times for her death during his police interrogation, a language expert claimed.

Jesse Kempson, 28, strangled Grace, 21, in his studio apartment in Auckland, New Zealand, following a Tinder date in December 2018 and is now serving a 17-year minimum sentence.

In new true-crime documentary The Murder Of Grace Millane on Discovery Channel, experts analysed the police interview clip and spotted Kempson's body giving him away as he attempted to lie through his teeth.

When the police opened a homicide investigation, the murderer claimed that Grace had died accidentally as a result of rough sex gone wrong.

Professor of Linguistics Dawn Archer said he used a "blame shifting strategy" to make Grace as the acting initiator.

"So, she’s the one doing the asking and he’s the one doing the responding," she added.

The CCTV clip showed Kempson saying: "She asked me to add her on Facebook and then she asked me where we were going to go.

"She asked me about my family. She asked me to turn the TV off so I turned it off."

Prof Archer gave her analysis and explained: "This is him being the accommodating recipient – she just says so he does that, it was her idea and he willingly does what she asked him to do – that becomes significant later when we look at the example."

Kempson told the police: "She started talking to me about 'Fifty Shades of Grey', which is a sex fantasy movie that's out and then she asked if we could get into bondage.

"She told me to hold her arms tighter and then she told me to hold her throat."

The expert stressed: "'And then she told me to hold her throat’. Now that is how she died, and we are told here that it was her idea.

"These are examples of a strategy rather than an accidental thing, because it’s happening 21 times.

"What he’s wanting the police officer to believe is that this was rough sex gone wrong and the person who initiated the sex to become as rough as it was, was Grace and not Jesse Kempson. It makes him less culpable.”

In November 2018, Grace arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, for a two week stay, after spending six weeks backpacking in South America.

It was meant to be the trip of a lifetime but on December 2, when Grace failed to contact her family and reply to birthday messages, a missing person's report was filed.

It eventually emerged Grace had died in the company of a Tinder date, 26-year-old Jesse Kempson, who claimed that she had died during consensual sex.

But as CCTV footage showed, Kempson had tried to cover his tracks, transporting Grace’s body in a suitcase, and burying her in a shallow grave.

The Murder Of Grace Millane: A Faking It Special is available to stream now exclusively on discovery+

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