Golden retriever slides into owner’s arms to bring her twigs on icy slope

A lovely golden retriever has won hearts over social media when a video emerged of him sliding into his owner's arms on an icy slope.

Cake, the eight-month-old pooch, from southwest China, couldn't contain his excitement when he found a tree branch in a snowy mountain in Qiandongnan autonomous prefecture.

In a viral Douyin video liked more than 840,000 times, the fluffy pooch is seen running down the slippery slope while carrying a large stick in his mouth.

He tries to secure his footing but the icy surface almost let him tripped on the ground.

Owner Ms Ou can be heard laughing in background, she waits and watches Cake running into her arms.

She told MailOnline: "He picked up a tree branch as a present for me again. He loves doing it.

"He was also really happy to see snow for the first time."

She explained that she took the pooch with her to walk her husband to work on Tuesday.

Viewers loved Cake's reaction and praised for his impressive footings.

One said: "He manages to stay up even his four little legs go in all directions."

Another wrote: "He looks like a seal in this snowy white background."

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  • Others compared Cake to a SUV and joked that the owner should check for the "tyres".

    "This furry car is drifting on the ice," a third added. "Need to check for tyres!"

    In other dog news, a golden retriever called Kona has pulled a squinty eye look to his owner when he refused to walk in the rain.

    The pooch loved the rain so much that he rather stayed still and get wet than running back home.

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