Golden retriever pup sneakily tricks older brother into sharing treat

Gamja and Chip are two golden retrievers who prove that sibling rivalries extend to canine brothers too.

And one of the most common sibling spats is that of who's got the bigger slice of cake, or the better toy.

The owner of the social media duo from Orange County, California, US, captured an adorable argument over a bully stick – but it didn't end in tears as expected.

Posted to their TikTok account @gamjamypotato, which promises a ‘daily serotonin boost’, little puppy Chip decides he wants to take his older brother’s chew toy.

In the clip, the overlaying text imagines a funny conversation between the two goldies, with Chip sneaking up behind Gamja – who’s name means potato in Korean – and asking ‘wanna trades?’

Naturally, Gamja responds ‘Hekk no’, but persistent Chip negotiates ‘just one lick?’.

Gamja understandably isn't keen on sharing his chew, and bares teeth to his baby brother in a bid to warn him off.

Their owner told viewers that Chip had his own bully stick, but had finished it first.

The puppy offers to ‘hold’ the stick for Gamja for safe keeping – but the older and wiser goldie knew something was up.

The argument results in a game of tug of war with the chew, sharing the treat between them.

Golden retrievers have proven to be one of the most popular breeds on the video sharing app, racking up 14 billion views.

The lovable gundogs are renowned for being intelligent and affectionate family dogs, described as ‘kindly, friendly and confident’ by The Kennel Club.

In another viral video a goldie called Phi Phi was caught ‘spying’ on her next door neighbour, a Samoyed called Bentley.

The nosy pup found a peep hole in their garden fence, and loved watching what her ‘bestie’ was doing on the other side.

One follower even joked the spy dog could be the next James Bond, writing: “I can’t wait to see more of James Bond the dog, haha #spydog.”

Another retriever, named Barney, can’t go a single day without kissing his girlfriend on his walk.

In a gorgeous Tiktok video, Barney can be seen running over to the wall where he hops up to give his best friend kisses.

The video has been viewed more than 45,000 times, with Barney and his lady-friend's fans all calling for the two dogs to go on a date together.

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