Golden retriever always smiles with goofy grin when she knows shes in trouble

The goofiest golden retriever has stolen hearts around the world for the special "smile" she does whenever she knows she is in trouble.

In a video that was up-voted 1,000 times on Reddit, the goldie called Khiva looks bashful as she gives an awkward doggy grin in the direction of her "paw-rent".

She keeps doing the funny face and closes her eyes as she pants towards the camera.

Her owner, user u/danaeewhite from Washington, US, uploaded the clip on Tuesday (November 30) with the caption: "Does anyone else's golden squint and smile when they know they are in trouble?"

One viewer commented: "Yep, my three-year-old does that. Probably just nervous since they're unsure how you will handle it."

"Mine also used to do this when he heard the word 'bath,'" shared a second person.

Someone else wrote: "One tries to argue with us by barking, the other squints and grabs an 'I'm sorry gift'. Your pup is too cute and beautiful."

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A fourth said: "Our golden retriever never gets into trouble. If he decides to chew on my pillow it becomes his pillow. Problem solved!"

"My golden starts to chase his tail when he gets in trouble," shared another user.

Adorable Khiva isn't the first goldie to charm her human companions with a hilarious facial expression, and she won't be the last.

One video of a golden retriever giving their owner a "death stare" had the internet in stitches.

The stern look was apparently the result of their human returning home "smelling like another dog".

His owner told Daily Star: "He has resting old man face, but this one was extra frowny.

"He looks like the sad emoji and I love how expressive he is. He has so much personality, like a human at times."

Another jealous goldie "stole" their owner back after watching them cuddle a puppy.

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