Girl who claimed boy, 10, made her pregnant makes £5,000 a month on Instagram

A girl who claimed a 10-year-old boy got her pregnant has said she is raking in £4,900 a month after her lie gained her over a million followers on social media.

Darya Sudnishnikova, who was 13 when she conceived her daughter, shot to fame in 2020 after claiming her boyfriend, Ivan, who was in primary school at the time, got her pregnant.

Her lie was debunked by scientists who said the pregnancy was impossible as Ivan was pre-pubescent and Darya later admitted to police she had been raped by another boy, aged 15.

Darya told police she was too ashamed to admit it and a criminal case is underway to investigate the teen’s serious allegation.

The new mum, who gave birth to daughter Emilia seven months ago, is now back studying at school, contrary to rumours she had been forced out.

Darya said it was "decided for her" to "complete" school but claimed teachers are giving her bad grades because they don’t approve of her pregnancy.

She said: "Teachers started giving me lower grades and sometimes don't give me good grades at all.

"I tried to explain to them that I will just come back for the next year.

"But no, I wasn’t allowed. No-one gives a **** about my problems."

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Darya provides for her child by promoting products to her followers on Instagram.

The teen claims to make around £5,000 a month on the platform and admits she can afford "absolutely everything" for her child.

She said: "Now I have more money than ever.

"I can afford absolutely everything for myself and my child."

To put this into perspective, Darya earns around 12 times the average adult monthly salary in her region and is the breadwinner in her family.

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Darya's followers regularly comment and interact with her Instagram posts but she also attracts a fair few trolls who slate her for the birth of her child.

Responding to one comment, Darya said: "I can now afford absolutely anything for my child.

"She now has more than I ever did.

"I make more money than your parents put together.

"Because of my 500,000 roubles a month, my child will not be in need.

"So what do you say now?"

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