Gamer nerds are best lovers due to late-night stamina and dexterous digits

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Gamer nerds make the best lovers, according to a shock study.

A quarter of people quizzed who play titles like Call of Duty classed themselves as excellent between the sheets compared to 7% of those who don’t game.

Six in 10 button bashers claim they have been told by almost all of their partners that they are great lovers.

And 24% of video game fans confessed they enjoy romping with their partner for an hour more than the rest of us.

The research has blown the stereotype that gamers are shy, housebound loners who can’t find a partner.

Tom Fairey, from game app Stakester which ran the research, said: “It’s no surprise that gamers make the best lovers.

“They’re fast-thinking, responsive and have very dexterous digits.

“They’re no strangers to pulling all-nighters, proving they have the stamina required for exhaustive bedroom antics.

“On a more serious note, many gamers are part of big digital communities and interact with people from all over the world, so they have an accepting mindset.”

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The study also found 34% of gamers fans are passionate lovers compared to 27% of those who don’t play.

Some 24% admit to having high sex drive, with the figure dropping to 18% of the rest of the population.

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