Furious Angela Merkel speaks herself ‘into a rage’ as leader quizzed over new Covid rules

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During a press conference on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about the increased coronavirus restrictions in Germany. The German leader was asked to explain why the restrictions were important. As she was quizzed, the leader appeared to lose her train of thought.

When asked by journalists to explain the current lockdown restrictions, Ms Merkel said: “That’s why, if possible at all, I do not explicitly want a curfew for Germany if it can be avoided somehow.

“Therefore I appeal to reason so that we won’t get what other places already have, in Austria, in Belgium, in France.

“After all, we are not alone in this, we are discussing this in a way as if we in Germany had cooked up something that is unique in the world, but that’s not the case”.

Ms Merkel then began to mumble and appeared to get lost for words.

She said: “And… um.. then they say Sweden, well Sweden has a very different, well it’s a country which has fewer areas with high population density”.

She then raged: “You can’t compare this to the Ruhr area, or similar areas, where people are living much more densely.

“And therefore..um..let’s say…I spoke myself a bit into a rage..um”.

Then the German leader asked, “what was the question again?”

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She was then told the question was based on lockdown conditions in the country and the state of German hospitals.

She added: “Ah yes, the intensive, yes, therefore caution at all levels is needed.

“Not only when it will later be about the ventilators.”

Germany has decided to restrict social life in what they have termed, “lockdown light”.

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The nation has shut restaurants, bars, gyms, and entertainment venues.

However, schools, shops and workplaces will remain open.

The lockdown will not be as restrictive as the one imposed last March.

Food outlets will still be able to provide takeaways.

Germany has recorded a rising coronavirus infection rate.

Although, it is not as high as those in France and Belgium.

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