Funny moment, kid, 3, tells postman mummy is upstairs having a poo

A postman was left red-faced when he was out sending a parcel and told by a young girl that her mum was busy upstairs "having a poo".

The hilarious moment was captured on a door security camera when he came by to drop a parcel and some letters.

In the clip, the postie rings the doorbell and looks around before he drops a package in a cupboard next to the door.

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While he is waiting, a four-year-old boy and his younger sister answer from behind the door and they ask for the postman's name.

"What's my name? Where's mummy? I've hidden a parcel. Where's mummy?" he asks while passing the letters to them through the letterbox.

He asks the young boy to "mind his hands" as he safely put the post through.

The three-year-old girl tells him: "Mummy is upstairs having a poo."

The postie, without skipping a beat, but seemingly going red in the face, then replies: "Oh! Tell her there's a parcel in the cupboard."

He then hastily leaves.

Mum Lauren Chloe Edney, from Chertsey in Surrey, was left in stitches when she rewatched the CCTV but she called it a "proud moment".

The 24-year-old said that while proud of having taught her kid to not tell lies, she has since added the caveat that what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom.

Lauren explained: "I have two children, the first one heard on the video is my son James who is four years old and the one with the punchline at the end of the video was my daughter Emily who is three years old."

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She added that Emily had indeed been telling the postie the truth, saying: "It was a true statement, I was upstairs using the toilet."

She said that the front door had been locked and that "just for clarification", "the children were both safe at all times".

"Although I pride myself in the honesty of my children and have clearly done a great job teaching them not to lie, I have now taught them that bathroom 'functions' stay in the bathroom," she added.


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