Fry up must cost Brits £50 says breakfast expert – weve been doing them wrong

A fabulous fry-up should set you back at least £50, says a breakfast connoisseur.

Guise Bule, chairman of the English Breakfast Society, believes the greasy spoon has killed off really good brekkies.

And he says top quality eggs, bacon, sausages, beans and buttered toast should cost way more than it does to give the classic English meal the credit it deserves.

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Guise, 43, has been head of the fry-up fan club for a decade and says cafes have killed the once great meal by buying in ingredients that are too cheap – and adding “wrong” items like saveloys.

Mr Bule, of Hertford, said the fry-up has been “dragged through the mud” by cheap caffs and needs to return to its former opulence to get the credit it deserves.

He said: “I’ve been doing this volunteer English Breakfast game for a decade now and I’ve seen it all.

“The breakfast has slipped down the class system from being an opulent breakfast containing very high quality meat and multiple choices, which is expensive, to the middle classes in the 50s and 60s with bed and breakfasts and cruise ships.

“And then it slipped into greasy spoon territory.

“It’s gone from a peak where half the country was eating one every day – it’s been on the decline for the last 40 years.

“The tradition is so dragged through the mud that it’s not at all surprising that people are looking at what they think is an English breakfast these days and thinking it’s cheap and nasty.

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“The greasy spoon is dead now – there are a few of them still around but it’s not widespread any more.

“The cheap breakfasts now sometimes come with Saveloys. It’s wrong!

“Why can’t I spend £50, £60, £70 on an English breakfast with three different kinds of sausages, three different kinds of bacon? Something really special.”

Mr Bule says the avocado eating “mafia” have had their part to play in the meal’s demise.

It comes as research found one in five of us believe the breakfast tradition is on its way out.

But the English Breakfast society believes that the fry up will prosper once again.

He declared: “People who love English breakfast love it emotionally. No-one is emotionally attached to avocado on toast.”

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And the fry up capital of the UK is…

Leicester has been crowned the full English capital of Britain.

A whopping 92% of folk from the city said a plate of bacon, sausages and eggs was their top choice of breakfast in a poll run for HelloFresh.

Just 75% of folk from Glasgow picked it as their favourite way to start the day.

Tim Porter, 33, from Leicester, said he couldn’t resist a full English, adding: “A fry-up is something you look forward to as soon as you think about it.

“I can’t say I have the same feelings for a bowl
of granola.”

And the cheapest brekkie is….

Leeds is the most affordable city to eat a fry-up, averaging £8.28.

The city’s cheapest full English breakfast is £5.50.

Birmingham is the most expensive, where the average is £11.54 – more costly than even London’s £11.33. The dearest in Brum is £13.


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