Frexit NOW! Macron warned French election win will send EU referendum pressure soaring

Macron ally warns of 'hidden Frexit' in Le Pen's agenda

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The current French leader, who once described Brexit as a “crime”, is going head-to-head with right-wing political rival Marine Le Pen in the final round of voting in the French election. But over recent months, Frexit campaigners have been piling pressure on Emmanuel Macron by arguing he has aligned France too much to EU rules and want to replicate the historic Brexit referendum from June 2016.

The French President is often regarded by many as the mouthpiece for the EU, visible when he flew to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin in a desperate attempt to broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.

Eric Noirez, who is part of the Generation Frexit movement, believes Mr Macron winning the French election would actually favour the campaign to leave the EU.

He argued support for Frexit will surge as Mr Macron’s rush into his “Eurofederalist delirium” will become clearer among the French.

Mr Noirez told “I think that a re-election of Macron could paradoxically favour the campaign for Frexit.

“Europeanists like Macron are fanatical people and the more they will practice the headlong rush in their Eurofederalist delirium, the more the price to pay and the harmful consequences for the French will be strong and visible.

“On the other hand, the question of the democratic legitimacy of the European project cannot be left unanswered indefinitely, Macron cannot eternally transfer entire and decisive parts of popular sovereignty without the French people having a say.”

He pointed to a recent poll from Generation Frexit which found nearly two-thirds of French people questioned are in favour of a referendum on leaving the EU, with 65 percent preferring more sovereignty.

The leading Frexiteer warned “opposition forces” will now have to increasingly consider holding a referendum on France’s membership of the EU.

Mr Noirez added: “These figures are very revealing and I have no doubt that they would increase further if Macron were to resume his role as the great deconstructor of France for another five years.

“Moreover, the opposition forces will increasingly have to consider the question of a referendum on whether France should leave or remain in the EU.

“Because the need for it will become more and more obvious in view of the changing political conditions and the European project desired by Macron.

“Let us also recall that Macron himself admitted on the BBC that if the French had the opportunity, they would probably vote like the British to leave the EU.”

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Earlier this week, Mr Macron’s right-hand man Clement Beaune has launched a furious attack against Ms Le Pen, accusing her of carrying a “hidden Frexit”.

During her French election campaign in 2017, which saw her beaten by Mr Macron, the National Rally leader talked up France leaving the eurozone, the Schengen common travel area and holding a referendum on EU membership.

But now she has stepped back from that stance, and wants to restore border checks and a “European Alliance of Nations” that respect nations’ freedom and sovereignty.

This would see the laws of EU member states take precedence over those from the EU but to achieve that, she would have to find a way of renegotiating European treaties.

French Europe minister Mr Beaune, another constant critic of Brexit, said during an interview with French broadcaster Public Senat: “If she says: my (EU) allies, they don’t exist.

“It will be Victor Orban. I’ll decide on my own. That’s where I say there’s a hidden Frexit.

“Because deciding on your own without renegotiation and freeing yourself from the common rules is like when you live in a condominium, in a commune, in a democracy, and you leave the community without saying so.

“That’s all. I have no problem with the fact that she wants Frexit, but she should say so.”

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