Former WWE star takes DNA test to finally prove hes not politicians father

A former WWE star has taken a second DNA test to prove he is not the father of Republican politician Lauren Boebert.

Shawn Roberts Benz, the mother of the Colorado Congresswoman, has long insisted that Stan Lane was her daughter's biological dad following a short fling in the 1980s.

Former wrestler Lane, 69, took a court-ordered paternity test in 1990 which showed he was not the politician's father.

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However, doubts arose over the test's legitimacy when the lab worker who took his blood sample was convicted of taking a bribe to switch vials in another case.

Bentz asked for Lane to be investigated, and he took a second test in May which proved he was not the father of Rep. Boebert, 36.

Lane, who worked as a powerboat racing announcer following his wrestling career, allowed Boebert to handle his DNA sample to get rid of any concerns.

The results came back on May 11 and proved he was not her biological father.

Confirming the news via his close friend to wrestling news website,, he said: "Once we both reviewed the results Lauren and I agreed that this matter is settled, and I accepted Lauren’s apology on behalf of herself and her mother.

"This situation and the numerous false claims made against me over the years has been stressful for me and my family."

"I feel my otherwise good reputation has been tarnished considerably. I and other close members of my inner circle have been dragged into this as well."

Acknowledging the results, Boebert told the Daily Beast: "I can confirm that Stan Lane is not my biological father.

"I personally have never publicly claimed he was my father—but certainly, that allegation is out there.

"The Toby Keith song, 'Who's Your Daddy' hits a bit differently now."

The messy situation began early during Lane's wrestling career when he was living in Florida and working for Championship Wrestling.

Lane had a short relationship with Bentz early during his wrestling career, when he was living in Florida and working for Championship Wrestling.

Following the birth of Boebert in 1986, he claims to have received a notice accusing him of being her father.

Bentz sought child support two months after she was born and they went through the legal system in Orange County, according to Salon.

Lane was made to pay $100 (£80) per week at a time when Bentz was working full-time at a convenience store called Handy Way for the then minimum wage, $4 (£3.20) an hour.

The court then ordered him to take a paternity test which he did in 1990 when Boebert was three years old and the results proved he was not her father and he was no longer required to pay child support.

But once Bentz learned about how the lab worker who took Lane's sample had been convicted of switching the vial of an NFL player for $500 (£400), she petitioned for the courts to investigate the former wrestler.

Lane agreed to take another test, leaving the sample in the care of Boebert, so there were no doubts over the accuracy.

The former wrestler said that he held no ill will against Boebert, describing his interactions with her as "pleasant and enjoyable"

He said he wished her the best for the future, adding that he hoped she finds the answers she has been looking for, if she continues to search for her father.

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