Food running out Russia threatens Mariupol with starvation after horrendous bombing

Ukraine: Expert warns ‘food is running out’ in Mariupol

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BBC host Mishal Husain said: “We were hearing a report from people who had to leave Mariupol in the South of the country.

“Situation there too difficult for the Red Cross to operate in, but are you able to give us a sense of what’s happening there?”

Ms Synenko explained: “We believe that the situation in the city is horrendous because people have been for weeks now, trapped without any access to humanitarian assistance, with food and water running out.

“Hiding in shelters, and with no possibility to leave, I think you have described it very well in your report.

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Ms Synenko said: “And it’s a matter of urgent priority for us, to be able to deliver humanitarian assistance to people who need it.

“And help those who want to leave, to do so in a safe manner.”

An estimated 6.5 million Ukrainians have been displaced since the fighting started last month.

Russia has now announced another humanitarian corridor for those wishing to escape the war, to be able to leave.

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A humanitarian corridor from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia has been set up for the departing Ukrainians.

“The place is just being decimated from a structural perspective by the onslaught of Russian airstrikes.

“[The US will] take a look at what we have learned by watching and seeing how Russia has underperformed and how, quite frankly, amazingly that Ukrainians have performed.

“We all want to learn from things as we see them and we’re going to learn from our own behaviours here, our efforts to help Ukraine defend itself.”

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