Fishermen reel in 11-ft living dinosaur fish weighing massive 600lbs

This is the astonishing moment two fishermen catch a massive 600lbs sea monster measuring 10ft long in the famous Fraser River in Canada.

Fishing guide Yves Bisson and angler Dan Lallier were in complete disbelief when they saw the fish jumping out of water twice.

Yves posted a video on TikTok to show the enormous size of the freshwater fish and it immediately went viral with more than 35 million views.

"Check this out, this fish is 10 and a half feet, probably 500 or 600lbs. We were just able to take it, it has probably never been caught and now we are going to release it back into the river," Yves says while holding the fish before guiding it back into the deep water.

The experienced angler explained the fish is a sturgeon, a species sometimes referred as "living dinosaurs", as it dates back to the Jurassic era – in the Fraser River.

Yves, who has landed more than 22,000 sturgeon during his 20 years as a fishing guide, tagged the sturgeon and released it.

"This is very normal behaviour for sturgeon to be very still and docile in shallow water after being released," he told USA Today.

"They are the strongest freshwater fish in the world and the mortality rate for angling is 0.012 %, so basically they never die, and our world-renown tagging program has the data to back all this.

"This giant fish swam away after being released, which the video didn’t show, and I’m sure it will live for another 100 years."

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Viewers were shocked when they saw the size of the sturgeon, one joked: "Nah, that's Basilisk from Harry Potter."

Another said: "That's a real river monster!"

"Nope, not going near water ever again," a third added and a fourth asked: "How old do you estimate that sturgeon is?"

Yves said the fish is about 70 to 100 years old.

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