Fisherman fears horror shark attacks after spotting feeding frenzy near shore

A fisherman has fears that the movie Jaws could come become a reality after he caught footage of "thousands" of sharks in the midst of a feeding frenzy.

Balou Beasley, 30, caught the terrifying footage of what he believed to be 10,000 sharks during a fishing trip in Florida.

The footage shows a mix of blacktip and bull sharks on the surface of the water as they compete in an intense battle for a meal.

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Balou says that he witnesses these "feeding frenzies" most days he's fishing but has admitted that it's now given him a fear of sharks whose behaviour he says is getting "out of hand".

He's expressed worry for swimmers in the area who could pose as vulnerable prey when fishing boats are no longer in the water for the summer season.

Balou said: "We fish for a living and I was on my brother's shrimp boat – we catch the shrimp and then there's usually some fish by-catch and we push it overboard.

"The sharks always follow us, the shrimp boats, and just sit like that behind the boat all day.

"I've fished all my life and it's about the same amount of sharks as it used to be but they're just a lot more aggressive now than they used to be. It's getting out of hand.

"It was a feeding frenzy. They would hit the side of the boat as hard as they could head first trying to get to the fish before the other sharks do.

"I'd say there were up to about 10,000 sharks probably because they're on top of each other one after the other, it's crazy.

"As soon as we get shut down, when we can't fish anymore, I fear for all the people on the beach because the sharks are going to get hungry."

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The 30-year-old spent his life fishing with his father and said he's learned how to protect himself in the water but the increasing number of feeding frenzies has caused him to develop nightmares about falling overboard.

Balou said: "Since I was six-years-old my daddy put a life jacket on me and told me 'don't you ever get close to the rail or fall overboard' – that was his number one rule.

"I've had nightmares about falling overboard because of always seeing it so I have a big fear of it and I guess that's why I never have. I don't like sharks.

"I always tell my nieces and nephews now don't go swimming at the beach, go swimming at the pools because I've seen too many sharks in my life, it kind of scares me."


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