Fed up market traders set up shop around Audi after driver dumps it for days

An Audi driver was left red-faced in Whitby over the bank holiday weekend after traders set up camp around his illegally parked car.

To much merriment and bemusement from tourists and shoppers in the popular North Yorkshire seaside town, stall holders arranged their wares and seating around the parked vehicle, determined that the abandoned motor was not going to prevent them from opening up, TeessideLive reports.

It did though cause significant disruption for business owners in the Market Place – one of the resort’s hotspots – as they try to recover from the knock-on effects from the Covid lockdowns.

Market Place, which is a pedestrian zone does not permit parking in the area and the owner of The Old Silver Grid cafe pays a fee to be allowed to set up the dining area outside, with other traders paying to sell their produce there on certain days.

Not willing to lose out on trade, they decided to set up shop around the car and carried on with business as usual.

Traders said it took until Saturday lunchtime (June 4) before the owner finally came to collect his car.

It is believed there were three parking tickets attached to the windscreen.

Don Greenwood who lives in an apartment nearby, said that parking in the area is “a nightmare at the best of times”.

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He said: “It is clearly marked, there are two big signs. Apparently when the owner did return he said he didn’t realise it would cause so much disruption. There was a lot of people finding it very amusing.”

However, he said on a serious note he empathised with traders as they are still trying to get back on their feet.

He added: “I personally think it should have been towed away after they didn’t comply with the first ticket.”

One Twitter user commented: “I can confirm, it is very hard to find a parking space in Whitby.”

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