Fan uses stolen Disney World iPad to give unauthorised tour and skip queues

A 30-year-old Disney fan was caught using a stolen Walt Disney World iPad, which gave him access to an extremely private company application.

The man was using the exclusive application to give unofficial tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida's Disney World to skip the notoriously long queues.

According to Orange County Police reports, an officer was called to the theme park in order to stop someone trespassing.

Upon arrival, the officer found that the man who had been using the stolen iPad was taken into an office by a Disney manager.

The manager noticed the 30-year-old leading a group of visitors on an unauthorised tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios – passing a queue of people and gaining access to an attraction.

It is reported that the manager was able to cancel the reservations before the fake tour guide was able to get onto the ride – and then proceeded to follow him out into the carpark with an off-duty deputy.

The man told them that he worked for "A Class" company and was authorised to work at the park, Inside The Magic reports.

When the officer arrived and interviewed the suspect, he claimed he had no clue the iPad was stolen.

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The Disney manager said that there had been an increase in "unauthorised overrides on reservations in the Disney World app" over the past few days – something that is meant for employees only.

The application that was used by the suspect is usually used by staff giving tours at Walt Disney World as a way to skip queues and not have to wait with other visitors.

It is completely private and can not be downloaded outside of Disney World devices.

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The iPad was confirmed as belonging to Disney and was in fact taken without permission, but the iPad was never reported as stolen.

According to reports, the 30-year-old has been issued a trespass warning by Disney for all of its property.

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