Family terrified as rats invade home and leave it ‘smelling like mortuary’

A mum in Leeds has claimed her home has been invaded by rats leaving her daughter "terrified" at night.

Emma Valentine, 42, of Seacroft, believes the problems have been going on for almost eight years with rats running riot through the cavities of her home.

Despite numerous visits from the council's pest control services, Emma insists the problem never goes away and it's only a matter of time before the rats make it into the bedrooms and living areas.

In 2020 Emma was forced to burn the kids' Wendy house on stilts down because the rats got inside and destroyed it.

The mum-of-two believes the “gut-wrenching" smell is so bad that it's left her embarrassed to have guests in her home, reports LeedsLive.

Emma said: “It's shocking. My youngest is five years old and is terrified on a night hearing them in the loft fighting.

“My house smells like mortuary at the minute so I'm having to go out during the day as the smell is unbearable now.

“I'm scared they are going to come into the living quarters it's that bad now, I'm a nervous wreck if truth be told.”

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Emma claims the rats have chewed through her doorstep, bought fleas into her home, and have made nests.

[The rats are in] window frames inside the house they run round the frames [and I] can hear the babies as this the warmest place where the radiators sit," she said.

“They've brought fleas into my home, honestly it's a nightmare.

“I'm very house proud, so this makes me feel so dirty that we have to live like this.”

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council said: “We have attended this property a number of times in recent years, including 2016, 2017 and 2020.

“With signs of rats having been present at the property, we took appropriate action – including the installation of traps and bait trays – and on each occasion, the infestation was eradicated.

“If Ms Valentine is experiencing further problems then our pest control service would be happy to visit the property again and look at carrying out additional work.”

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