Extreme wildfire warning in UK this weekend as Met Office predict 18C scorcher

An "extreme" wildfire warning has been issued in the UK for this weekend with temperatures set to soar to 18C.

People have been told to "think twice" before doing anything involving a naked flame while the wildfire risk remains.

The warning applies to several regions in Scotland, where warm temperatures and fierce wind speeds mean fires could ignite and spread easily, according to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS).

It is in place from today (April 22) to Sunday (April 24) across northern, central and western parts of the country, extending into Monday (April 25) for those in the west.

Group commander Keith Langley, a wildfire tactical advisor with SFRS, urged people to "exercise caution".

He said: "The key issues over the next few days are sunshine, warm air temperatures, low humidity and moderate to strong winds.

"Dead grass, leaves, twigs and heather on the ground will dry quite quickly in these conditions and when ignited can burn very fast with extreme fire intensity.

"Please exercise caution outdoors to avoid fires breaking out and think twice before using anything involving a naked flame."

The Met Office have said that temperatures should peak at 18C in the UK over this weekend, with the mercury hitting 16C in Scotland.

In their latest video forecast, meteorologist Clare Nasir said for today: "Towards the South we will see a little bit of showery rain as cloud moves towards more western areas.

"Brighter skies then in Mid Wales [and] the Midlands northwards, and that's where we will see the highest temperatures, particularly towards the West.

"And again, it will be a windy day with some gustiness, particularly over the hills and mountains."

Cardiff will see the best of the temperatures today with the 18C scorcher forecast there.

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The South, Midlands, North West and central Scotland will enjoy a pleasant 16C heat, while things will be slightly cooler on the East Coast from Aberdeen down to Norwich.

Saturday (April 23) looks set to be a similar story, according to the Met Office, when those in southern England will bask in the 18C heat.

Much of the rest of the country will hover around 14C to 15C, with those on the East Coast and in northern Scotland experiencing temperatures in the low teens.

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