Explosive details in Ghislaine Maxwells trial- feet massage to House of Sin

The trial of the despicable Ghislaine Maxwell dropped a number of bombshell revelations into what her life was like with notorious paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell, 59, was found guilty of sex trafficking young girls for the multi-millionaire and would even lure them into massage rooms so he could molest them.

During the explosive trial, the jury heard disturbing abuse stories and was also shown intimate pictures of the perverted pair.

Now, the socialite has been found guilty of five out of six charges and could face up to 65 years behind bars, reports The Sun, meaning she will likely die in jail.

Below we have revealed seven shocking details from the harrowing trial which include everything from feet massages to the 'House of Sin' Manual.

'House of Sin' manual

A 58-page booklet dubbed the 'House of Sin' revealed several bizarre rules that Epstein's staff had to follow at the mansion in Palm Beach.

It was reported that Maxwell gave his housekeeper the guide which shows that workers were told to "see and say nothing".

Juan Patricio Alessi, who was an employee at the notorious mansion between 1990 to 2002, joined the trial on day five and said the working conditions were like "slavery".

The 71-year-old told the jury that the socialite handed him the manual with a to-do list with tasks that he thought was "degrading".

The hefty book, which was written by a "countess", was submitted into evidence and featured a number of strict rules that workers had to follow, the court heard.

As part of the rules, workers were told to "be cautious of voice levels and noise" while carrying out duties at the property.

They were also banned from eating or drinking in front of Maxwell, Epstein and their guests and were told they couldn't wear any "strong perfume or aftershave lotion."

Foot rubbing

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One of the boldest pictures that surfaced from the trial was intense massages that Maxwell gave Epstein's feet.

The two images were captured on his private paedo plane which was nicknamed the 'Lolita Express'.

They gave people a larger insight into the intimacy which had formed between the pair before they later split.

It was reported that the pictures were discovered on CDs in Epstein's mansion in Manhattan during an FBI raid in 2019 following his arrest.

Getting comfortable in Queen's log cabin

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Maxwell and Epstein were pictured by the porch at the Queen's home in Scotland, Balmoral.

It remains unknown as to when the photograph was taken however, it has previously been reported that Prince Andrew hosted the multi-millionaire there in 1999.

The prince has strongly denied all accusations of misconduct against him and claims that he was not aware of the Epstein's crimes.

Donald Trump private jet trips

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Donald Trump was a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' plane, his former pilot Larry Visoki said in the trial.

During the trial, the pilot told prosecutors: "I certainly remember President Trump, but not many people associated with him."

He also revealed other famous names who took a seat on the private jet such as President Bill Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's passionate embrace

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A never-before-seen image showed the despicable pair in a passionate embrace as they snogged at his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

They were described to be "partners in crime" by prosecutors who exposed their abuse towards the young girls.

The trial heard how they had been in a relationship and managed to stay "the best of friends" after they parted separate ways.

Framed picture of Maxwell naked

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More than 60 images from the police raid at Epstein's home in Palm Beach were released by prosecutors as part of the case.

During the trial, the jury was shown police footage and images of the interior of Epstein's Florida mansion.

Photographs included a room inside the property that featured a desk that had a naked framed image of Maxwell sitting on top of it.

It is thought to be a now-popular photo of her relaxing on a beach.

Chilling paintings

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A series of creepy paintings were also discovered during the raid, which was found positioned on the walls of the popular mansion.

Prosecutors believe that the interior of the property proves that there was an inappropriate atmosphere brought on by Maxwell to put pressure on the young girls.

Several paintings included naked women – with one showing a bare bum, while two women posed nude on a bed in another one.

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