Exact date Britain is set to sizzle in fresh 40C scorcher next month

UK weather forecast: Feeling muggy, some rain

Temperatures are expected to skyrocket next month as many areas will bake in another heatwave. Some areas will experience blistering temperatures as high as 30C from July 7, according to forecasters. This comes after provisional data from the Met Office shows that this June has been the hottest ever in the UK, with more sizzling weather still to come.

Beachgoers have been enjoying extended periods of balmy summer weather, with temperatures reaching the mid to high 20s and even soaring into the 30s last Monday.

However, heavy showers and storms have also made an appearance, and more are expected throughout this week, accompanied by milder conditions.

Looking ahead to next month, forecasters are predicting yet another heatwave, potentially surpassing the record-breaking 40.3C observed in Lincolnshire last year.

The Met Office has stated that indications point to a higher probability of “above-average temperatures” between July 12 and July 26, suggesting an increased likelihood of heatwaves during that period.

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While many areas, mostly in the south, are set to experience high temperatures, downpours and summer thunderstorms are expected to extend until mid-July, according to Netweather forecasters.

Looking ahead to mid-July, Netweather revealed: “Southern parts of Britain will remain prone to rain or showers, possibly thundery in nature at times, while the north of Britain will probably become predominantly dry, and sunny away from eastern coastal areas. 

“Relatively low pressure in the eastern North Atlantic may make Northern Ireland relatively prone to showery thundery outbreaks also. 

“There is potential for low cloud off the North Sea to be an issue for eastern areas, but not a certainty, and much will depend on the specifics of the wind direction and the length of air mass track over the North Sea.”

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As the country experiences hot and humid conditions across significant areas, the forecasts indicate a greater probability of “above average” temperatures as we enter July.

During Tuesday night, many areas experienced mostly warm and muggy weather, with sub-tropical air infiltrating the country and pushing temperatures into the high teens.

On Wednesday, heavy rainfall persisted as it progressed eastward, while southeastern regions are anticipated to remain predominantly dry, however, many areas can expect to remain relatively dry today.

A low-pressure system is approaching Iceland, resulting in the formation of a “warm sector” over the UK, as explained by meteorologist Alex Deakin from the Met Office.

From today onwards, Britons can expect a shift towards drier and sunnier weather, starting from the western regions. 

Potentially heavy downpours will gradually clear southeastward across England, allowing temperatures to rise to near-average.


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