Ex ‘Rebels’ biker gang leader shot dead by sniper in front of horrified families

A video shows the horrifying moment families flee in panic after ex Rebels biker gang leader Nick Martin was shot dead by a sniper in Australia.

In the clip, aired by 9 News, the body of Martin lies on the ground while paramedics try to bring him back to life at Perth Motorplex where he was mercilessly gunned down last night, December 12.

The 51-year-old was fatally injured by a bullet wound to his chest and died in the spectator stands.

One witness tells the TV channel people were desperately trying to "up and leave" in chaotic scenes at the drag-racing event.

A five-year-old boy was injured in the crossfire, grazed by a bullet, and a 31-year-old man was hit in the leg by the same bullet that killed Martin ad passed through his body.

Chris Dawson, Western Australia Police Commissioner, told reporters there would be a crackdown on gangland crime amid growing fears of an all-out war sparked by Martin's death.

He said: "The community is justifiably outraged at this type of violent criminal behaviour in a crowd in Western Australia.

"This is not the Western Australia that we want to live in."

Martin previously survived an assassination attempt at his own home in 2011 during an internal Rebels conflict that earned him many enemies.

Despite his unpopularity with some members, Rebels have been converging on the home of his widow to pay their respects.

The Rebels previously caused shockwaves when a man was brutally beaten to death by four alleged members, with a chilling video showing the moment he was delivered to the gang.

Clint Starkey, 42, died a month after the attack from serious head wounds.

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