‘Evil’ teen slaughtered ex then put knife in her hand to ‘frame’ her for suicide

A mum put through hell by her teenage daughter’s killer has branded him “an evil monster”.

Carole Gould’s life was torn apart when she was told Ellie, 17, was dead.

Police found the student covered in blood in the kitchen of the family home.

Ellie’s ex-boyfriend boyfriend Thomas Griffiths, also 17, stabbed her to death in a frenzied attack after she ended their relationship.

The murderer then placed the knife in her hand to make it look like suicide.

He also sent texts to a friend saying he had self-harmed, to explain away marks on his neck where Ellie tried to defend herself.

In a tearful interview, Carole said: “The most chilling thing he did was he put the knife in Ellie’s hand, raised her arm to her neck and reinserted the knife into a wound to try and make it look like she had killed herself.

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“That is one hell of a monster.”

Carole faced her toughest moment three days after the murder, in May 2019, when she was asked to identify Ellie’s body.

She told of the additional trauma that Griffiths put her family through.

Speaking on a new documentary about the murder, she said: “We were picked up and driven to the mortuary to see Ellie. They told us that they had to put plasters over her neck so that we couldn’t see the stab wounds, all 13 of them.

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She looked at peace. We put a rose on her – Rose is her middle name. And it was heartbreaking.

“No mother should ever hold the cold hand of their murdered child. That is disgusting.”

Carole suffered yet more torment at Ellie’s funeral.

Recalling the day, she said: “It was surreal. Numbness gets you through. Many people have said to me that it’s the saddest thing they’ve ever been to.

“There was silence in the church apart from hearing people cry, just sobbing.”

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Carole, from Calne in Wiltshire, faced Griffiths when he was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court in November last year.

She said: “He’s a coward. He just looked down. He wouldn’t look up at any of us. I stared at him the whole time. I wanted him to see my face.

"I also stared at his parents. His dad just looked up, but he wouldn’t look at anybody and his mum just looked down.”

Griffiths was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum term of 12-and-a-half years.

The family wrote to the Attorney General’s Office in December 2019, appealing against the sentence.

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They felt Griffiths should serve at least 17 years to match Ellie’s age when she died.

But the Attorney General’s office turned down their ­appeal and suggested it had not met “the test” required.

At the time Carole said: “He is pure evil and should never get out of prison at the age of 30 to have a second chance. Griffiths’ actions were callous, merciless and unpredictable.

“There was never an indicator at that time that he was capable of such a heinous act against our Ellie.”

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