Eric Trump humiliation: Embarrassing nickname Trump’s son has carried for life

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Donald Trump continues to struggle to control the coronavirus pandemic in the US. There, nearly four million people have tested positive for COVID-19. Over 140,000 deaths have been recorded.

The US has continuously broken records for the number of new cases reported in a day.

Sunday marked the 41st straight day that the seven-day average for new daily coronavirus infections in the US trended upward.

Trump has repeatedly fallen out with medical professionals tasked with figuring out how best to contain the virus.

Most notably, Anthony Fauci, the immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, has on more than one occasion immediately undermined the president’s word.

Scientists have now made a desperate plea to Trump, asking him to “listen” to their advice.

It comes as much of the US reopens.

Republican congressmen and Trump cite a need to stimulate the economy.

Despite facing heavy criticism, Trump has managed to secure the support of his cabinet, and members of his family.

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His two sons, Don Trump Jr and Eric Trump appear to be his most vocal backers.

Eric has appeared on Fox News Channel several times championing his father.

In May, he spoke on the show, and claimed that the pandemic will “magically all of a sudden go away and disappear” and everyone will suddenly be in favour of reopening the country.

He added that he believed the Democrats were using the coronavirus as a strategy to stop his father being reelected, claiming that the “Democrats are trying to milk this for everything they can, and it’s sad”.


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The 36-year-old is the lesser known of the five Trump children.

He has worked for his father’s company, and appeared on 23 episodes of “The Apprentice” US as a boardroom judge.

He has since played a role in helping to organise his father’s presidential campaigns and runs the family business alongside brother Don Jr.

Several stories float from Eric’s private schoolboy days at Hill School, Pennsylvania.

In 2017, City & State New York managed to speak to Eric.

The publication shed considerable light on his upbringing and who exactly Eric Trump is.

One embarrassing revelation came in the form of his childhood nickname which sticks among old school friends today.

It came during a school hockey game, when “Eric and other Hill boys were razzing their opponents”.

The arena went silent, and Eric shouted out “No. 15 is a choad!”

“It stuck. Eric’s friends would teasingly but lovingly call him ‘choad’ for the rest of his time at Hill – a moniker featured at the top of his yearbook profile,” the publication said.

It went on to explain that despite his family being one of the wealthiest in the country, Eric had little access to cash while studying.

City & State explained: “When his roommates ordered food from Hing San, he would haunt the doorway, looking for french fries.

“On excursions to the cineplex, classmates remember having to buy the billionaire’s son a movie ticket.

“His scavenging even earned him a yearbook superlative: ‘biggest mooch.’”

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