Elon Musk sends internet into meltdown with Taylor Swift conspiracy theory tweet

Elon Musk, who bought social network Twitter for a staggering $44 billion in October 2022, sparked a metldown on his platform by tweeting a conspiracy theory about popstar Taylor Swift.

Following dozens of other eyebrow-raising posts, some of which have caused deep concern among Tesla shareholders, the tech billionaire has deleted a bizarre tweet in which he repeated a conspiracy theory about Swift.

Uploading photos of the "Shake It Off” hitmaker alongside a still of actor Jon Heder in character of cult 2004 comedy star Napoleon Dynamite.

Musk asked “Had anyone else noticed that Taylor Swift looks exactly like Napoleon Dynamite?”

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"[I] am a Taylor Swift fan of course,” he added, “but how do we know for sure they’re different people?

Musk’s devoted legion of followers weren’t sure how to take the bizarre suggestion, with dozens saying they now “couldn’t unsee” the resemblance and more than one asking for someone to take the Twitter chief’s phone away from him.

Realising that he had perhaps gone a little too far, even by his own bizarre standards, Musk then deleted the tweet.

Despite his suggestion that Swift looks like Napoleon Dynamite in drag, Musk is clearly something of a Swiftie.

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He responded to a series of throwback images the singer posted in March with a “smoking” emoji and in another post suggested her “limbic resonance skill is exceptional,” whatever that means.

Whatever purpose Musk’s increasingly odd tweets are serving, they’re certainly not increasing the value of his investment. The platform is now worth less than a third of what he paid for it last year.

The tycoon has set a rather unfortunate Guinness World Record – for the biggest loss of personal wealth in history.

Guinness announced that he had lost about $182 billion of his net worth since November 2021. Some estimates put the loss as high as $200 billion.

Musk has publicly acknowledged that he overpaid for Twitter, which he bought for $44 billion, including $33.5 billion in equity.

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