Elle Brooke leaves fans heartbroken as she details what she wants in a man

Elle Brooke shared what she looks for in a man and not all of her fans have welcomed the news.

The OnlyFans legend took to TikTok yesterday (February 4) and used a popular sound where a male voice can be heard saying "pass, pass, pass, smash", revealing whether she would "pass" on the opportunity to get with them, or "smash" them.

In the video, the adult film star could be seen sporting a floral corset top, a tiny black skirt and simple chain necklace as she revealed what ticks her boxes in a potential partner.

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Above Elle's head, the words "Muscly men," "Tall men" and "Smart men" flashed across the screen one by one, with Elle mouthing that she would "pass" on all of them.

Finally the words "Rich men" appeared in text, to which the blonde bombshell mouthed the word "smash" and raised her hands in the air.

She captioned the video, which has been liked more than 15,000 times: "Joking, personality is everything!" – but not all of her followers were convinced by the caveat.

"U definitely weren’t joking," one wrote, while another added: "Every girl ever."

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However others agreed with the OnlyFans star, with one chiming in: "Money be the best personality trait."

Meanwhile another fan, who seemingly didn't meet Elle's criteria but still wanted to shoot their shot, wrote: "I support Manchester City football club," referencing Elle's favourite team who she vocally supports on her social media pages.

But it seems rich men aren't lining up at Elle's door to take her out after she revealed she has "barely any social life" and prefers to keep it simple.

The novice boxer took to Instagram on Friday (February 3) to answer questions from devoted fans, who asked her what she does to relax.

“To be honest I don’t really get that much time to relax because as soon as I have been training, like now, I come home, and then I get ready, and then I have other things to do like TikToks or photos or YouTube interviews," she confessed.

"Like my life is so 100 miles an hour, but doing not that much.

"I live a really simple life, it just revolves around work, boxing – like I literally have barely any social life – and my dogs."

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