Election 2020 result won’t be for DAYS as MILLIONS of votes still to be counted

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President Trump is so sure of his vision of victory in the US Election that he’s already declared he won the vote in a bizarre speech at the White House this morning. Polls had pointed to an increasingly desperate situation for the commander-in-chief, who needed to bridge the gap in a vast chasm between the two candidates. Now he is tentatively in the lead, but despite his best efforts, it is still far too early for Mr Trump to claim victory as many experts have warned it could take days for the final election results to roll in.

Those with their eyes fixed on election coverage maps are eagerly awaiting results from several battleground states.

These remaining states analysts have yet to call, include Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Alaska.

Many of these have stalled voter counts despite being more than 70 to over 90 percent finished.

And experts believe they will remain this way until the end of the week.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Inderjeet Parmar, a Professor of International Politics at City University said the election remains largely unfinished.

He specified electors still need to account for “millions” more votes, which could shift the race.

Professor Parmar added the election is also roughly where most polls suggested, and – given their favour of Mr Biden – the remaining swing states may drift Democrat.

The professor and other experts have urged people to watch select states which could determine a win for Mr Biden.

He added Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are the current states to watch, as all could land a victory for the former VP.

Brian Klaas, an associate professor in Global Politics at University College London expanded on this, suggesting Wisconsin is key.

Mr Biden has a wafer-thin 0.3 percent majority there with 89 percent of votes counted.

But Professor Klaas said if he keeps the state and manages to claim one of another three, the day is his.

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He wrote on Twitter: “If Biden’s lead holds in Wisconsin – which is still an if – then Biden just needs to win one of the following three states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Georgia.”

Nate Silver, editor-in-chief of poll aggregators FiveThirtyEight, added he only needs to gain three more states to conclusively take the election.

He wrote on Twitter: “If Biden wins AZ, NV, MI and WI that’s ballgame.

“He could lose PA, GA and NC and he’d still have 270.”

As Professor Parmar also stated, analysts have called Arizona for the Democrats.

Senate challenger Mark Kelley has tentatively won his seat, but the other states remain close to call.

Biden also has a slim lead in Nevada, with 49.3 percent to Donald Trump’s 48.7.

He is four points down on Mr Trump in Michigan with 81 percent of the vote counted.

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