Dumped Ukrainian refugee screams I love you Tony as she begs to be taken back

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A Ukrainian refugee who eloped with a Brit man who invited her into the home he shared with his girlfriend was arrested as she begged him to take her back after a row destroyed their relationship.

Tony Garnett, 30, explained yesterday, September 26, that he had shown Sofiia Karkadym, 22, the door after just four months, following a furious row.

Sofiia, originally from Kyiv, made a desperate bid to win Tony back, hiding in the bushes near his home before police were forced to intervene.

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Mail Online shared footage of the 22-year-old blonde beauty Sofiia being bundled into a police car outside the security guard's Bradford home while shouting "Tony, I love you. Please come with me!"

Two officers battled with Sofiia who managed to stay outside the car for several seconds.

The Ukrainian screams desperately before she is bundled into the car, whose lights were on.

It is unclear what Sofiia is saying until the person recording opens the window and she is heard saying "Anthony please, please come."

It appears that she also says: "Call to my mum, let me back home. Just cancel it please. Anthony please."

She may have been referencing her visa, which allowed her emergency refugee status for six months, and reportedly expires in a few weeks.

Sofiia was freed without charge after being taken away for questioning, reports stated.

The drama started on Saturday night while celebrating Tony's 30th birthday. A bust up between the couple marked the end of their short love affair, reports said.

On Sunday night neighbours allegedly heard Sofiia screaming outside Tony's house and he reportedly called police when she repeatedly booted his door.

Tony told MailOnline: "It is the perfect storm. Her visa runs out and she's got nothing here in this country. She's not with me anymore and she's got no reason to stay.

"I did not want her to be charged with anything. I think she has been through a lot and you have to at least sympathise with the fact that she's from a country which has been invaded."

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Tony and his former partner Lorna Garnett, 28, took Sofiia in after she was displaced by the Russia-Ukraine war – but she and the construction worker fell in love just days after she arrived to stay in their home.

The couple made headlines back in May when the pair moved out of Tony and Lorna's family home to start a new life together in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

But the alleged row on Saturday has brought their short-lived romance to an end.

"I have made a mistake going into a relationship with Sofiia," Tony added.


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