Drunk morons at Glastonbury slammed for weeing in stream despite pleas

Glastonbury revellers have been branded "drunken morons" for urinating in a stream rather than using the toilets.

Not wanting to miss out on any action, impatient music fans dropped their pants to relieve themselves rather than waiting in queues of up to 45 minute long.

But organisers warned the event's licence could be at risk if people continued to break the rules.

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Yesterday, they tweeted: "We'd like to remind everyone at #Glastonbury2023 to please use the toilets and not pee on the land."

Some people even took to social media to brand the culprits "drunken morons," Bristol Live reports.

An enraged steward responded: "Spent ages last night as a steward, telling drunk morons to stop weeing in the stream. Like weeing in the wind!"

The Whitelake River runs through Worthy Farm, and polluting it with human waste can kill the fish and wildlife.

In a bid to protect the animals, assertive posters have been pinned up around the campsite. Furthermore, the moment party animals arrive through the gates, they're handed a guide, which warns: "Glastonbury Festival strives to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

"Please take all your things with you when you leave the festival. And please ALWAYS use the toilets. Peeing on the ground pollutes the festival waterways, threatening wildlife, and could seriously jeopardise our festival licence."

It continued: "Festival-goers who don't use the facilities can face eviction from the festival, and the Love the Farm Stewards will be patrolling the site to encourage proper behaviour."

Back in March, music lovers were overjoyed to hear the news that the beloved music festival had secured its long-term future.

However, the deal came with certain agreements that are expected to be met.

Glastonbury reps have to ensure their customers remain within the bounds of their official licence, which includes the agreement they utilise the assigned sanitary facilities plan and waste management plan.

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