Dome Valley landfill: Auckland Council declines plan change; good win for opponents


Campaigners fighting a proposed landfill at Dome Valley north of Auckland say they have had a “good win” today.

Waste Management’s application for a plan change for a landfill precinct in the valley has been declined in a unanimous decision by Auckland Council-appointed commissioners.

Fight the Tip executive member Michelle Carmichael said this was only “part of the battle” amid an ongoing appeals process against a resource consent granted for initial landfill proposed.

“This is a very good win in our ongoing fight to protect our environment and waterways as it confirms that the concerns we raised are significant and valid,” she said.

But the group will “continue to focus on our appeal in the Environment Court against the resource consent”.

Waste Management can also appeal the commissioners’ plan change decision but “they will now also be up against Auckland Council who we expect to defend this decision”, Carmichael said.

“This is a very positive first step in … those reasons to decline will provide us with stronger arguments for our court appeal against the resource consent.”


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