Dogs clamped onto my face during brutal mauling — heres how I wriggled free

A woman who suffered a horrific dog attack that resulted in injuries sustained to her arms, legs and face, has bravely opened up about how she managed to escape.

From a hospital bed, with her arm in a sling, the female – who has not been named – explained that she was strolling through Abbots Park in London when the dogs went crazy.

The animals jumped at the woman, dragging her to the floor, forcing her to fend them off.

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She said on social media: "They ran past me, and I ignored them, and then they came towards me, and I asked [the owner] to take them.

"[That was when] they started to jump at me.

"I was literally trying to push them down and fight them to get off me, and then they started to get aggressive.

"One jumped and bit me on my face; then I started screaming."

Having gone berserk, the dogs chomped into her arms, legs and face, with one in particular sinking his teeth into her right arm. But in a testament to her courage, she broke free and made a run for it.

She explained: "[The owner] was trying to stop them.

"One of them came onto my right arm and was biting into my arm. He couldn't get them off.

"It was going on for a few minutes. I fell on the floor, he told me to get up, and he was like, 'Don't run, don't run'.

"Afterwards, they were on my arm, and he started calling for help. He was able to stop one dog, but the last one was still on me.

"I had to take off my jumper and wrestle the dog off me.

"Eventually, its mouth loosened, and I took my jumper off and just ran out of the park.

"Then, after that, I fell on the floor and couldn't walk."

Subsequently, a hunt was launched for the animals as the man left with his pets before the police arrived.

To his credit, he attempted to stop the attack, tackling and kicking the animals in a desperate bid to save the woman.

He desperately screamed "Rocco, Rocco'" and tried to pull the dog away as it pinned the victim to a fence.

In a statement police said: "Officers were called at 12:15 pm on Tuesday 6th June to Abbots Park, Lambeth SW2.

"A woman in her mid-20s had reported being attacked by three dogs.

"Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended the scene.

"The woman was taken to hospital where she is being treated for a significant injury to her right arm; the injuries are not life-threatening.

"Enquires are in hand to trace the dogs and owner."

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