Dogs adorable reaction to owner saying his favourite words melts internet

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A golden retriever left his owner cackling when he started tilting his head non-stop as he heard his favourite words.

Ollie, an eight-month-old dog from Atlanta in Georgia, US, was filmed being put to the test by his owner Paloma in a video seen 10 million times on TikTok.

She pretends to be on a phone call and starts by saying: "Hi, I'd like to speak to Celio regarding the purchase of treat and also ice, um, and food."

The cute pooch's ear goes up as soon as he hears "treat" and starts tilting his head to one side when Paloma mentions "ice" and "food".

"Yeah, we do have some chicken available, yeah, and water," she continues.

"You can just come outside and we can play it by ear, otherwise, we can send it over in a crate. Yeah and a brush."

Ollie is beaming with joy and grins almost from ear to ear, thinking he is about to go play outside in a crate and get a grooming session.

The 25-year-old owner told Daily Star: "He does tilt his head when he hears words he recognises.

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"Especially if the sentence starts with 'Do you wanna…?' Because he knows he is probably getting something he wants.

"He really enjoys his crate, but I don’t think it compares to a treat or going outside. I think he tilts it because he recognises what it means!"

She said her pooch enjoys an outdoor walk and a warm cuddling with her and her partner Daniel every day.

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"We got Ollie early this year and our lives completely changed. What started out as a way to document our pups life quickly turned into a platform that caught thousands of people’s attention!" Paloma added.

"He is such a joy and brings so many smiles to many people! I really don't think there's anything he doesn't like enough to react differently.

"He enjoys the vet, baths, etc. (stuff dogs usually wouldn’t like) He's got an awesome temperament!"

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