Dog walker suffers sickening injuries in horror bear attack as advice backfires

An unlucky dog walker who had her skull cracked by an “angry” black bear was attacked after she followed advice to make herself “appear big and loud” in an attempt to scare the brute away.

Renee Levow decided to shout and scream at the beast as it chased and swatted at her two German shepherds, Kylie and Bones, but was then forced to play dead for 10 minutes after the deadly animal charged at her and clawed her chest.

The 55-year-old, who was enjoying a relaxing stroll in woodland near her home in Maryland, US, was left with sickening injuries and laying in a pool of blood before rescuers arrived.

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Renee explained: "I walk every day and take the dogs out. It was just a normal day I thought.

"We were walking back towards the house and Kylie noticed or heard something so she went ahead of me and she and the bear met – she nipped at him and he swatted at her.

"But because I was doing what you're normally told to do at bears – to make yourself big and be loud – he thought I was more interesting so he focused on me.”

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After realising her strategy to shout wasn’t deterring the bear, she decided to switch up her technique and play dead instead.

"He stood in front of me after he charged the hill and I could see literally every detail – his face, his teeth, his claws – everything,” Renee said.

"After a few seconds he swatted me down and then bit my left leg twice just above my knee and then he tossed me to the side and continued to bite me.

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"He bit my skull and the side of my face twice – the first bite on the left side of my face and head I heard my skull crunch and I thought I was going to die. That was an awful sound.”

After she went to the floor and laid still, the killer animal moved on – leaving Renee lucky to be alive.

She added: "I didn't move. I laid there for 10 minutes because I was petrified. It was really scary.

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"The blood from my head was just pouring down my face, I was in a puddle of my own blood.

"It was all over my phone. I literally had to wipe my phone off so I could see it.”

After being raced to hospital, the avid dog walker was treated for serious injuries and underwent a gruelling four hours of surgeons stitching the deep tissue wounds.

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