Dog turns shop into ‘bloody crime scene’ after stealing fruit from counter

A dog owner was shocked when he saw his pet lying motionless on the kitchen floor with red substances covered all over his fur.

Douyin user CeaPoos thought his Corgi was dead when he found him lying on his back with his belly and paws up.

The viral clip, which has been liked 750,000 times, shows the white and yellow pooch sleeping in a pool of red stains in an eyewear shop in China.

CeaPoos walks closer to find his dog covered in dragon fruit juice.

He explained in the post: "My corgi stole the dragon fruit from the table and ate it. He fell asleep on the floor.

"But I was shocked fearing he was dead!"

The dog later puts on an adorable look and sticks his tongue out when CeaPoos picks him up.

Viewers were left in stitches and joked that they had witnessed a crime scene.

One said: "Thought it's a blood bath with all the red covering the pooch's fur."

"This is too lovely," another said. "He is clearly in a food coma."

Some wondered how the dog ended up covered in fruit juice and questioned if the owner smudged it on the pet.

"That's a lot of blood … no, juice," a man commented. "You must have brushed it on him."

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