Dog sitter visits pup on Google Maps after beagle captured gazing out window

A dog sitter is able to "visit" her sister's pooch that she used to mind after Google Maps captured the beagle mix gazing out the window of its house.

The Canadian, who was then living in Wyoming, USA, took to Reddit to share the heart-warming snap of the pup gazing from the front window.

"I used to dog-sit my sisters dog. She was like a niece. Then I moved to another country 3 years ago. Sometimes I visit google maps and get to see her little face looking out at me. I miss her so much!" she wrote on the social media site.

"She’s a ridiculous beagle – chihuahua mix. Super cuddly but her howl was like a fire truck."

"Aww that’s so cute! I’m sure she misses you too," one person wrote in response.

"Oh how gorgeous!!" wrote a second person.

Another dog tugged at the heartstrings of Reddit users after her owner shared a video of her unique tail-wagging quirk.

Reddit user Lolihumper shared the clip with the caption: “My dog wags when I look at her and stops wagging when I don't. (Don't worry she got lots of pets after this).”

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In the video, Lady the German Shepherd sits on the sofa while her owner stands in the foreground with a blank expression.

The dog wags her tail eagerly every time he turns his head towards her, but abruptly stops when he looks away.

She stares at him and waits for him to resume eye-contact, before thumping her tail on the sofa again.

Perfectly camouflaged, a white cat lies on the sofa next to her but, unlike Lady, the feline looks like it couldn't care less about attention.

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