Dog chained up in cupboard with no food or water makes incredible transformation

A frightened dog who was found chained up inside of a cupboard without food or water has recovered to make an incredible transformation.

The pooch, which has since been named Alba, was saved from cruel residents who decided to capture her as she wandered the streets of Mexico.

In a harrowing video, a scared Alba could be seen cowering in the corner, as rescuers broke open the fly-tipped closet on the side of a road.

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She was found riddled with scabies and was rushed to hospital so she could be treated for starvation last year.

Pet shelter Mascotas Coyoacán said they were alerted to the inhumane conditions and labelled the residents "wrenched murderers."

Speaking to the Daily Star, a spokesperson said: "Alba had been chained and locked up without water or food for a couple of days.

"She was malnourished, dehydrated, with scabies and infected skin.

"She behaved in a very noble way from the beginning, and it was very shocking that at such a young age she had already suffered so much and to see again that there are people cruel enough to do that to her."

The abused dog was hospitalised for two weeks and then continued treatment from the facility.

Mascotas Coyoacán condemed the vile actions and said: "The truth is that the people who locked her up in chains without water and without food do not deserve the slightest respect.

"It is one thing not to help him, another to condemn him to such a horrible death. Wretched murderers."

But the pooch has managed to overcome the horrific ordeal and has made leaps and bounds with the help of the shelter.

"It has been more than a year since her rescue and she fully trusts people and gets along very well with other dogs," they added.

"Luckily she never had behavior problems, she is a very playful, docile and friendly dog."

Alba is now searching for a forever home.

The shelter said she needs a home with "lots of love and walks" and added: "It is not necessary for you to have a garden if they provide you with adequate activity.

"And we want them to be people who share with her and have her inside the house as one more member of the family.

"We named her Alba because it was a new dawn for her."

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