Dog casually throws up pink sex toy in middle of vets leaving viewers howling

A vet was left astounded when a dog visited the clinic and vomited a rather unusual item – a pink vibrator.

While it's not clear how it happened, the owner was relieved when her pooch threw up the sex toy.

Video shared onto a popular Reddit thread shows the medium-sized Rottweiler standing in the middle of the treatment room where the staff have put down a few "pee pads".

Within seconds, the canine starts to throw up some disgusting yellow liquid, followed by a neon-pink vibrator.

An assistant holding the dog's leash is seen retching in the background while the dog owner cheers: "Woo, here it goes."

The camera woman can be heard saying: "Just walking away, yeah we're good."

The Reddit user shared the clip along with a joke: "When you want to party but you get too excited."

One viewer said it happened to them in the past: "I used to be a vet tech. We once got a Rottweiler to throw up oyster shells and condoms.

"The guy who brought him in said he needs to throw up. Wouldn’t say why."

Many dog owners were left in hysterics and said their dogs also sometimes swallow very unusual things.

"My a**hole dog decided to eat a random used tampon we walked by. Then she puked it up on the living room rug and tried to eat it again," one shared.

A second said her dog would go over the rubbish bin and eat "rotten fish".

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