Dog adopts orphaned kittens after grieving loss of her own puppies

A mother dog who tragically lost all her newborn puppies has been nursing orphaned kittens back to health, as shown in a cute video.

Georgia, a beautiful Australian Shepherd crossbreed, was found alone and heavily-pregnant at a petrol station and brought to an animal shelter in Phenix, Arizona, US.

Sunshine Dog Rescue did everything they could for the pooch, but sadly her puppies were born prematurely and every single one of them died, leaving her grief-stricken and confused.

Anita Osa, the founder of the dog rescue centre, told ABC15 Arizona: "It was so sad, she was looking for those babies.

"She tore up the toddler mattress we had her on, trying to find her babies."

Luckily, Anita found a trio of orphaned kittens for Georgia to look after initially giving an urgent plea for puppies on Facebook.

In a tear-jerking video shared by Sunshine Dog Rescue, Georgia lovingly nurses the kittens like they are her own offspring.

The maternal pooch rolls on her back to let the kittens suckle and gently plays with them, allowing them to clamber all over her as they build up their strength and sense of adventure.

Describing the bonding process, Anita said: "I introduced them to her gently.

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“I first bought one out and let her sniff it, and she seemed to accept it, so I brought the others out.

“It's amazing to see how she instantly calmed down.”

The video brought joy to animal lovers, with many saying attentive Georgia was an incredible mum and deserved to find a home where she could be looked after too.

One viewer on Instagram commented: "Love seeing Georgia so content and being such a good mum to her three babies."

"This just melts my heart," said a second adoring fan.

A third wrote: "The sweetest thing. Love watching her and her furry babes."

"She’s an amazing dog I hope she finds a forever home after the kittens are ready to be weaned," said another viewer.

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