Disabled mum upset by morons sick letter doubting her disability

A mother was left stunned after returning to her parked car to discover someone had left a rude notice on her vehicle questioning her disability. Following a shopping trip in Canberra, the capital of Australia, the woman, who did not disclose her name, found the curt letter attached to her car. The letter questioned if she was “truly disabled” because she walked from her car like “an athlete”. 

Her daughter took to social media to publicly ridicule the author of the rude note.

She wrote: “My mother is disabled, her disability isn’t visible. She was legally given a disability parking permit because she is DISABLED! What a moron.”

The image of the note has been circulated on Reddit, where users were similarly outraged.

One horrified user said: “That is a true ****’s act. Please let your mum know that the rest of society does not judge people like this, it’s an act of a lonely coward.”

Another remarked: “OMG, the writer of that note needs to f*** off right now, then f*** off some more.

“I’m sorry you were on the receiving end of this. I hope your mother will continue to use disability parking.

“When we make sure people with disabilities have access, society wins.”

And a third user said: “Someone must have been having a very bad day. I’m sorry you found this note on your car.

“There’s no need to ever justify why you have a disabled ‘sticker’. It’s no-one’s business but your own, no matter how cruel some people are in reminding you you have one.”

Similar to the UK, Australia runs a disabled parking badge scheme enabling those with disabilties to use bays with better access and pay reduced rates at the meter.

According to the Australia’s Department of Social Services: “Permit holders can park in parking spaces showing the international symbol of access and can receive concessions in most public parking spaces where the sign or meter shows specific time limits.”

For Brits looking to use disabled access bays in Australia, they are required to apply for a temporary disabled parking permit, however regulations on disabled parking vary state-to-state.

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