Denver weather: Smoke sticks around while temps may reach 90

Friday will see a repeat of Thursday’s smoke in the air, but by the afternoon, expect some improvement. The smoke has been consistent this week as wildfires along the West Coast and Colorado have continued to burn.

“We’re hoping for a slight improvement in the smoke, but there will be smoke,” said Russell Danielson of the National Weather Service in Boulder.

Otherwise, hazy sunshine will mark the day with a high near 87 degrees in the Denver area. If the mercury hits 90 degrees or more Friday, it will beat the record of most days with 90 degrees or more in a calendar year, Danielson said. As of Thursday, 2020 is tied with the 2012 record at 73.

By the evening, cloudiness may increase, and some calm winds will breeze by in the Denver area with speeds at around 6 to 9 mph. Precipitation may form in high-terrain areas, but rain is unlikely elsewhere. Prepare for a low at around 58 degrees, which the National Weather Service calls above normal for this time of year.

By Saturday and Sunday, wind speeds may pick up with gusts up to 18 mph, but the clouds make way for sunny skies. Temperatures will remain in the upper 80s and may hit 90, making the possibility that if the 2012 record isn’t broken Friday, it has a better chance of doing so this weekend.

There is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms by Monday, again in the higher-elevation areas, but temperatures will stay in the higher 80s to low 90s.

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