Denver man gets racist postcard in mail he says for displaying Black Lives Matter flag at home

If there were ever a sign of the times, it’s the Back Lives Matter flag on Randle Williams’ southwest Denver Home.

“I am flying that flag for every reason right now,” said Williams, whose reasons became even clearer after checking the mail last week. “It’s on a thank you card.”

Instead of a thank you note, someone mailed a postcard with a racist rant.

The postcard reads: “If Black Lives Matter, you Blacks wouldn’t be killing each other at the rate of 90 to 100 percent every year… You blacks just want a white woman and mix your race with white people…Once you go black we don’t want you back.”

It would be shocking, except for Williams, it’s not.

“People still think racism is not alive,” said Williams.”It’s 2020, and we received this in the mail.”

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